New Fabric Trim Style In The Store @ Athena’s Grove

From time-to-time, we add brand new fabric trim styles to our lineup here at Athena’s Grove. We find styles from all over the globe that will believe will help our textile clients grow their businesses. And then we offer them to you at the fairest prices on the market. That’s just part of how we beautify the world, one yard at a time.

So many of you have asked us for more black and gold fabric trim options…here is what we have in store for you:

“Manuscript Fleur” is our newest addition to the luscious notions and embellishments Athena’s Grove proudly provides to fashion designers, interior designers, theater and movie costumers, DIYers, crafters and home sewing enthusiasts. Nothing is more fun for us than the delight on the face of our clients.

How many times have you been looking through a store, whether online or in person, and you just can’t tell if the fabric trim you’re looking at is going to match the fabric you’ve got at home? FEAR NO MORE! We will send you up to 10 samples free of charge. Just go to our contact page on the store and let us know the styles and colors of fabric trims that you would like a piece of and include your address and we will send them off to you as soon as possible. PROBLEM SOLVED!

“Manuscript Fleur” reminds us of the kinds of flower details you would see around the edged of a medieval or renaissance illuminated manuscript. They are so intricate and lovely, and this trim can add that same element of elegance and whimsy to your projects.

At 1-5/16 inch this style is great for borders around throw pillows, going around necklines on historical fashions like T-tunics and bliauts, hems of jeans or curtains or anything you want to dress up a bit. We find it best to use a thread that matches the trim as closely as possible and then zig zig stitch over the edge of the trim so it encloses and encapsulates the edge of the trim, preventing it from curling or crinkling if you choose to wash it (most of our fabric trims can be laundered, but as with all textile products, we urge you to test a small piece before you commit it to your final project!)

Another of our favorite pieces of advice is to buy enough extra fabric and trimmings to make matching accessories, like a pouch. You always need a place to keep knick knacks while you’re walking around without having to carry them all in your hands or a bulky bag that may not go with your ensemble (assuming it’s clothing).

The famous fashion designer Coco Chanel said,

“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

Words to live by, don’t you think?

As always, we love hearing from you, our fans and clients. Please send us your comments and questions and pictures of your projects (please let us know if you are ok with us sharing them in our gallery and our blog!)

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